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'What we are dreaming about this project is, once they come to the library, not only are [children in Kware] able to access education, and tutors, and books, but we are also able to provide one meal a day that helps them focus in class even the next day when they go to school, and also be able to give them people who can mentor them so that they're able to see beyond where they're living. And this is very special to me because I grew up in this neighbourhood, I was more privileged than most children because I had the opportunity to have mentors around me... people who exposed me to books, exposed me to a different kind of life... and that changed me completely, and I can't wait to see this happen in the lives of other children, that they're able to see possibilities outside of what is their current reality. And by them performing better in school it means they can go to high school, and they can go to university, which in turn means ... they'll get jobs... And so the cycle of poverty is cut.'

Pastor Wahu Wanjiku, Ongata Rongai, Kenya

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wahu wanjiku-900
Wahu Wanjiku speaking with
school children in Kware

children in kware-13
The faces of children in Kware bear witness to their potential - potential limited by a lack of access to food, power sanitation, educational resources.
children at government schools-782
Children at government schools in Kware.
children at government schools2-534

Growing up in the neighborhood of Kware in the town of Ongata Rongai on the outskirts of Nairobi, and finding herself a single parent at the age of 16, Wahu Wanjiku’s future prospects for her and her
the son was greatly enhanced by the opportunity -through the support of others - to complete her education.

Ever since it has been Wahu’s dream to ensure that other children from Kware have the same opportunity as she did. Being a “hood girl” herself, Wahu is only too aware of the barriers that children in Kware face to educational achievement, and so she is very excited about the newly-developed partnership between NGOs The Love Commission in Kenya and EdAid in Aotearoa to establish a Community Library in Kware to provide a well-resourced, safe, and healthy environment for Kware kids to foster their education.

Pastor Wahu Wanjiku with children from Kware
Pastor Wahu Wanjiku with children from Kware

The land set aside for building the Kware Library
The land set aside for building the Kware Library


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